Daily GIVE AWAY Live on    Youtube

Daily Give Away LIVE Stream on Youtube!!
Every day 11:00 am and 11:00 pm (Tokyo time GTM+9)
Everybody is welcome to participate!!
What can you win?
1. POST CARD shipped from Japan (Print from Original spray painted design made by Spray Art Eden)
2. When 80 viewers at the same time on live stream: BIG PRINT Poster (A4 size) or (F6 size)
3. When 100 viewers at the same time on live stream: LARGE ORIGINAL SPRAY PAINTED Canvas 


How to participate in the daily give away:

1. Subscribe to our youtube channel
2. Share this give away on your social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram, etc)
3. Submit bellow form with your address (include also your name on youtube please)

Correct way to submit your home address:

Your address must include House/Apartment/Room Number or name, street, town or city, country name and zip code (if you don't submit some of this details it won't be possible to ship your give away item) 

4. Stay present on the Give Away Live and leave a comment.






We are very happy to do GIVE AWAY live streams everyday and make people happy, share our work and connect people. As well as create a very nice, warming and respectful community.


We appreciate your donations as well to keep us continue making people happy by making more content!!


Thank you so much!!! 

© 2013 Spray Art Eden. 

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